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ronaldo fixed matches

ronaldo fixed matches

ronaldo fixed matches

Free Prediction For 19.03.2023
Match: Arsenal – Crystal Palace
Pick: 1 (Home Win) – 81% Predict rate
The mathematical analysis predicts a victory for Arsenal for winner market with 92%.
FT: 4:1

Match: Bayer Leverkusen – Bayern Munich
Pick: 2 (Away Win) – 79% Predict rate
The mathematical analysis predicts a victory for Bayern Munich for winner market with 79%.
FT: 2:1

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To Score in Both Halves Statistics

The table that we have helpfully provided above features To Score in Both Halves stats for 510 teams across 29 leagues around the globe. It also shows the total number of matches played, as well as the number of matches that have seen each team score in both halves for the current season. The yellow bar represents the percentage of total games that each team has scored in both halves.

There are a number of ways you can use the table:

  • Use the Search bar to find a specific teamleague or country.
  • Sort the information (using the arrows) by either TeamMatches Played (Pd) or Percentage (%).

This data is updated daily to ensure we have the most up-to-date stats available.

Visit our KickForm page to get the latest match stats, predictions, odds and tips on all the top European football leagues. It’s free, and uses a data-driven Football Formula to increase accuracy and reliability!

What Does Goal in Both Halves Mean?

A Goal in Both Halves bet is fairly straightforward. In order for your bet to be successful, your selected team must score either side of half-time. Own goals count, as do goals in stoppage time, keeping things exciting right until the final whistle. However, goals scored in extra time are not eligible.

Goal in Both Halves bets come in several variants. The most basic form only requires one team to score in each half of the game. For example, if you placed a Goal in Both Halves bet on Chelsea in a game against Liverpool, the following examples would result in a win:

  • Chelsea 4-0 Liverpool (Chelsea Goals in 27th, 47th, 56th and 89th minute)
  • Chelsea 2-1 (Chelsea Goals in 13th and 59th minutes, Liverpool goal in 3rd minute)
  • Chelsea 2-3 Liverpool (Chelsea Goals in 10th and 90+3rd minute, Liverpool goals in 1st, 45th and 60th minute).

When you are betting on the home or away team to score in both halves, the opposition’s goals do not matter. Neither does the quantity of your selected team’s goals. All you need is for them to score at least once in the first half and at least once during the second.

BTTS in Both Halves

Another popular type of Goal in Both Halves bet is Both Teams to Score in Both Halves. For this market, you will need both the home and away teams to score either side of half time for your bet to pay out.

Making a BTTS in both halves prediction is becoming increasingly popular among punters, as it offers higher odds than a standard Goal in Both Halves market. Here are some instances of when your bet would win, using the same example of Chelsea vs Liverpool:

  • Chelsea 2-2 Liverpool (Chelsea goals in 8th and 72nd minutes, Liverpool goals in 2nd and 90+4th minute).
  • Chelsea 4-2 Liverpool (Chelsea goals in 10th, 13th, 17th and 57th minute, Liverpool goals in 42nd and 67th minute).
  • Chelsea 2-3 Liverpool (Chelsea goals in 2nd and 89th minute, Liverpool goals in 5th, 75th and 90th minute).

As well as betting on there being Goals in Both Halves, bookmakers will also allow you to bet against this possibility. Simply select ‘No’ on the market, and you will be hoping for there not to be goals in both halves in order to win.

Why Should I Bet on Goals in Both Halves?

Betting on one team or both teams to score a goal in both halves of a match is becoming an increasingly popular way to wager on football.

There are multiple reasons for this. Most notably, this bet offers something fresh and exciting. While outright Win/Lose, Goalscorer and Over/Under Goals markets remain popular, more experienced punters are always looking for new ways to keep things interesting.

Goal in Both Halves keeps football betting challenging and innovative, with the overall result of your chosen fixture not actually mattering. If you know how to find value, it can be a good way to make potential profit as well.

Another reason Goal in Both Halves markets are popular is their simplicity. With this type of bet, all punters are tasked with is successfully predicting whether a team will score a minimum of one goal in each half. Thus, there is a lot less to consider when compared to other markets.

How to Bet on Goals in Both Halves

If you are wondering how to start Goals in Both Halves betting, you’ve come to the right place. Below is everything you need to know to get going. ronaldo fixed matches

Choose Your Bookmaker

The most important thing to decide before you start betting is the best bookmakers for you. There are a number of things that should influence your decision. If you are signing up for the first time, make sure you check out our bookmaker reviews before registering an account with your chosen site.

An operator’s sign-up offer, pre-match odds and payment options are the three key things to consider when betting on Goals in Both Halves.

Choose Your Market

After selecting your bookmaker, you need to choose which To Score in Both Halves market you will bet on. For this, you need to select a bet type – BTTS or standard – as well as the match itself.

BTTS will likely come with more generous odds, but make sure you conduct plenty of research before making your selection. In terms of choosing a game, our profit/loss football stats tables at the top of the article will be helpful.

Choose Your Stake

Once your bookmaker and market has been chosen, it is time to place your bet. Deciding on your stake depends on your own personal budget; however, remember to never bet more than you can afford to lose.

If you want to raise the potential winnings of your Goals in Both Halves predictions without breaking the bank, you could combine various smaller bets in an accumulator. ronaldo fixed matches

Goals in Both Halves Tips

Use TPP Stats

One of our top Goal in Both Halves tips is to make full use of KickForm’s statistical tables found at the top of this guide.

Knowing which teams are most likely to score in both halves is a potent tool to have up your sleeve. What’s more, we feature leagues from across the world. This gives you plenty of chances to make Goals in Both Halves predictions throughout the week.

Other Stats Can Help as Well

As well as using our great tables, other statistics can be used to give you the edge. For instance, knowing how many goals a team has scored overall in previous games can be useful.

High-scoring teams are obviously more likely to register a goal in each half. For BTTS in Both Halves markets, defensive stats like xG conceded and clean sheets are other good examples. Two teams with leaky defences will likely play out a higher scoring game, increasing the chances of a BTTS in both halves prediction coming in.

Research the Context of the Game

The specific context of the market you have chosen is important as well. A Champions League knockout stage first leg is likely to be more cagey than a second leg, while a Premier League relegation scrap may also not see many goals.

These sorts of situational factors can often go against the conventional wisdom of our To Score in Both Halves stats tables. To give yourself the best chance of winning, you must combine both of these resources. ronaldo fixed matches.

ronaldo fixed matches

ronaldo fixed matches

Home and Away Teams To Score in Both Halves

Deciding whether to bet on the home team to score in both halves or the away team to do so can be tricky business. The home team is always more likely to score due to a strong home crowd pushing them forward. Even slightly weaker teams will benefit from playing at home, giving you enhanced odds.

That being said, away teams always get better odds thanks to them being away. This means that a strong away team likely to score in both halves will have favourable odds against weaker opposition.

The chart below shows the number of times the given team has scored in both halves of a match during the 21/22 season in the Premier League, divided by home and away fixtures. The total number of games played in the Premier League is 38 per team, with 19 games played at home and 19 games played away.

To Score in Both Halves Alternatives

If betting on To Score in Both Halves isn’t for you, there are countless similar markets such as To Win Both Halves that may take your fancy. We’ve listed the best of these alternatives in this section.

(source: bet365)

Both Teams To Score

Both Teams To Score — commonly abbreviated to BTTS — is a simple market. Here, you are trying to predict whether or not both teams will score a goal in the 90 minutes, including stoppage time.

As with To Score in Both Halves markets, own goals are permitted while extra time strikes are not. BTTS can often be combined with Over/Under Goals, with many bookmakers offering specials on these two markets. ronaldo fixed matches

To Score in First/Second Half

This market simplifies the principle of Goals in Both Halves. If you think your chosen team will score in your selected half, bet on ‘Yes’. If not, wager on ‘No’.

This can be a live betting market as well. If a team needs a goal in the second half to avoid defeat, betting ‘Yes’ on them to score can be a great way to make the rest of the game even more exciting.

BTTS in First/Second Half

This is much like To Score in First/Second Half, except instead of betting on a single team scoring, you will need both teams to score a goal.

If the first half has been open, betting on BTTS after the break might be a sensible bet. Alternatively, if a notoriously defensive side go into the second half 1-0 up, betting ‘No’ on BTTS makes more sense.

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