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Fixed Match HT FT

Half Time Full Time Fixed Matches

Fixed Match HT FT offer allows you to bet on One or Two Half Time Full Time fixed matches. One match is going with odd around 30.00 and for Two matches odd is ranged between 450-600! For price please contact our agents they will give you more details about this offer and how you can bet!

Next HT / FT Matches:
DATE: Saturday, 03rd February 2024
Pick: 1/2 & 2/1

Half Time Full Time Fixed Matches usually we get 3 to 4 days before the start, but because a lot of customers try to resell our games and share our 100% sure fixed games with others, We must limited time of sending and number of customers. When you subscribe for our HT/FT fixed games we will add you immediately, but our game you will get 5 to 8 hours before the start match by prior agreem!

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Below is a proof from last HT FT Fixed Matches bet in Bet365 Bookmaker! (27.01)
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Fixed Matches HT/FT

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ht ft 1 2 and 2 1 tips for today

ht ft 1 2 and 2 1 tips for today

ht ft 1 2 and 2 1 tips for today

Free Prediction For 24.04.2023
Match: Fenerbahce – Istanbulspor AS
Pick: 1 (Home Win) – 78% Predict rate
Pick: Over 2.5 (Total Goals) – 60% Predict rate
The mathematical analysis predicts a victory for Fenerbahce for winner market with 78%.
FT: 3:3

Match: Luton – Middlesbrough
Pick: X (Draw) – 61% Predict rate
The mathematical analysis predicts a Draw for winner market with 61%.
FT: 2:1

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Why Bet on Half Time Result?

Some of you might be wondering now – why not just wager a regular Full Time Result, then? I mean, most teams that are in the lead at half-time go on to win the match? Besides, if we’re so confident about a team leading at minute 45, why not just go for a Half Time/Full Time Result bet?

There are several ways in which we can dissect how to bet on Half Time result. Let’s start with some cold, hard stats though. Apparently, only 44.64% of professional football teams leading in the first half go on to win the match. Comparatively, teams playing at home win more than 46.2% of all matches. In other words, home-field advantage is actually more impactful than leading after the first half.

Surprising information, but clever punters can see how to make Half Time Result betting predictions that make use of it. Let’s begin by stating the obvious – favorites win a majority of football matches, as opposed to underdogs. When we combine that with the Half Time Result stats, we see that a good chunk of games are still tied at half-time. Either that or the underdogs are leading.

This brings us to our first basic Half Time Result betting strategy – backing the underdogs. It should be an obvious choice if you consider the above. You’ll get a price fitting for a weaker team. However, as we’ve just seen, the favorites are much more likely to ‘seal the deal’ in the second half. This opens up incredible opportunities to find betting value.

The other route you can take is just backing the favorites. While the stats are not on your side, it can situationally be a good option. For example, some teams tend to have an explosive start and then dial down towards the end.

How to Predict Half Time Result?

The thing about half time football scores is that they’re not often included in various statistics. Think of it this way – we see a team’s win rate at home all the time. Their stats about being in the lead at the half-time mark, however, are seen as less important.

Still, knowing which matches to bet on Half Time result is half the battle. Ideally, you want two kinds of teams to be facing off. The first would be a team whose strategy is focused on taking a decisive early lead. The other is quite the opposite – they take it easy early on and save their energy for the late-game. You’re not likely to ever run into this scenario – most teams adapt their strategy to the opponent. Still, the example should make it clearer which matches to pay attention to. Find good candidates for Half Time Result betting, and you’ve won half the battle.

Half Time Result Betting Tips

Now that you have a firm grasp of the basics, let’s take a look at some football betting tips for the Half Time Result betting market.

  • Consider many options before you make a decision. Just going for the first suitable match you find won’t get you far. Weigh your options.
  • Focus on smaller leagues and low-profile football matches for the best odds. These can be a great source of betting value for two reasons. Firstly, top online bookmakers devote less time to them, leaving a bigger chance for cracks to appear. Secondly, they are less likely to significantly change tactics between matches.
  • Half-time Result bets in soccer synergize well with Asian Handicaps because avoiding draw results makes them even more likely to win. ht ft 1 2 and 2 1 tips for today
  • Half Time Result accumulators can also be an interesting option if you have several good selections.
  • Keep an eye out on different variants that combine Half Time Result soccer bets with other markets. The Both Teams to Score on Half Time market is a great example. These wagers are highly situational, of course, but understanding how they work can be handy.

Predicting Half Time Scores – the Verdict

This little Half Time Result betting guide should give you everything you need to get started with this type of bet. Of course, for the best results, we recommend combining your judgment with our soccer betting tips. However, watching a lot of football is another requirement – not that that’s a problem. Understanding the nuances of different team strategies is the key to mastering markets like these.

source: www.soccernews.com/half-time-result-football-bets-explained/320282/

ht/ft fixed matches

ht/ft fixed matches

ht/ft fixed matches

Free Prediction For 27.03.2023
Match: Austria – Estonia
Pick: 1 (Home Win) – 88% Predict rate
The mathematical analysis predicts a victory for Austria for winner market with 88%.
FT: 2:1

Match: Hungary – Bulgaria
Pick: 1 (Home Win) – 87% Predict rate
Pick: Over 2.5 (Total Goals) – 61% Predict rate
The mathematical analysis predicts a victory for Hungary for winner market with 87%.
FT: 3:0

Match: Poland – Albania
Pick: 1 (Home Win) – 77% Predict rate
Pick: Over 2.5 (Total Goals) – 61% Predict rate
The mathematical analysis predicts a victory for Poland for winner market with 77%.
FT: 1:0

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Top 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Betting

Our soccer betting strategy section focuses on tips, advice, and strategies that can help you get the most out of sports betting. Today, however, we’ll focus on the flip side of the coin. If you’re diving headfirst into the world of sports wagering, you’re likely to run into some hiccups.

Common mistakes while betting include rushing into things and not understanding the true goals and tools of a punter. There are others, of course, but they can all be avoided with a little foresight and planning. Let’s take a look at some rookie betting mistakes and myths and how to avoid falling for them.

Mistakes to Avoid While Betting

1. Not Betting on Value

2. Not Managing Your Money

3. Relying on Anything Except Stats and Facts

4. Not Changing Strategies when Necessary

5. Being ‘Loyal’ to a Sportsbook

1.      Not Betting on Value

We’ve said it a thousand times and we’ll say it again – understanding betting value is the only real way to get ahead while gambling.

This concept is sort of complicated, but we’ll try to boil it down to a sentence or two. Essentially, betting value is found in bets for which the bookmaker has a “negative” margin. What does this mean?

Betting odds are supposedly always proportional to the probability of the outcome they’re backing. However, it’s intentionally not perfect: bookmakers pay you slightly less than what the probabilities say should be the case. That’s how they make money. ht/ft fixed matches

However, if you do some digging, you’ll find that probabilities in sports are not an exact science. Bookmakers disagree on them constantly, and some even get it “wrong” on occasion. In other words, betting value is found when the odds are paying you more than the statistics say they should be.

Finding such bets is the only thing you should be focusing on. Not the likelihood of winning, not how much you can win, and definitely not systems or “gut feelings.” In the world of sports betting, value is king.

2.      Not Managing Your Money

Despite all of the online betting tips telling newbies to mind their spending, they rarely do. We’ve seen punters with years of experience still neglect to hold on to some basic principles.

To be frank, there’s more to soccer betting money management than just not going over your limits. Careful spending and a tight grip on your bankroll are just the first steps.

Once you get up to a certain level as a bettor, you’ll notice that the size of your stake is just as important as what you put it on. In fact, advanced betting spreads and strategies such as advantage betting require you to calculate exactly how much you have to spend on which bet in order for the whole thing to work. ht/ft fixed matches

What we’re trying to say is simple. It’s great that you’re setting limits, splitting your cash into units, and sticking with “safe” bets. However, there is even more to learn. Professional bettors have entire spreadsheets of stakes, bets, odds, and values. If you’re serious about betting, you’ll have them too. You want to be sure exactly how much you’re betting, on what, and why the amount is assigned to the wager.

3.      Relying on Anything Except Stats and Facts

This one is a “five-in-one” mistake, so to speak. Basically, we’ll list multiple football betting mistakes in one go. However, we believe the underlying causes are all the same – believing in things other than evidence. For example, such mistakes include:

  • Betting on teams you like
  • Betting on a “gut feeling”
  • Betting on a match because it’s big, important, or interesting
  • Chasing trends (or blindly going against them)
  • Relying on unreliable tips and predictions

This list can go on, but you probably get the point. A good bet is based on two things: empirical evidence and betting value. You want to make wagers because they make sense in your long-term strategy and because they’re good for your bottom line.

We’re not against betting just for the fun of it – in fact, fun should probably remain your main motivation. However, don’t be surprised that you’re losing money if all your bets just “happen” to be backing your favorite team.

Also, the last point deserves some explanation. Online betting tips and predictions can be great tools for figuring out your next move or weighing your options. However, good betting tips won’t hide how they got their information. Some, on the other hand, will boil down to “trust me!”. Don’t fall for the latter kind.

4.      Not Changing Strategies when Necessary

This point often applies to all points in life, but it’s also a common sport betting mistake. Some people just seem to never learn and keep beating their heads against the wall over and over again.

When you’re just starting out, you can pretty much expect to be losing money. That’s fine – there’s a learning curve to everything in life, and punting is no different. However, the point is to learn from the process and not just stubbornly stick to what you know.

We get it – there’s comfort in sticking to familiar strategies. But if something is demonstrably not working, it might be time to change something. Consider even taking a break from betting for a while. It will give you space to clear your head and think of something different instead of just sinking money.

5.      Being ‘Loyal’ to a Sportsbook

If you’re trying to find value in betting, you won’t be able to do it consistently on just one betting site. That’s just a fact – shopping around will give you much better odds. Always check multiple bookies before putting down any money. Who knows – a better offer might be just a click away.

We all know how important it is to find a good bookmaker. It can make all the difference in the world if you’re not using the “right” bookie.

However, we have to make one point clear. There is simply no point in sticking to one familiar bookie, no matter how good it is. You’re not special to them – you’re just a customer, like thousands of others. There’s no reason to ignore better offers for the sake of loyalty. Besides, shopping around for the best odds is often the best way to find betting value.


If you’ve read through our list, you’ll notice we didn’t just stop at telling you what not to do. We also mentioned concrete alternatives and advice on how to approach betting with a more healthy mindset.

Maintaining a dose of self-awareness is critical for getting better at anything. Betting is a skill like any others, so make sure you’re not getting complacent. There’s always more to learn, and there are always ways to improve. Keep working on it, and the sky’s the limit. ht/ft fixed matches

source: www.soccernews.com/top-5-common-mistakes-to-avoid-while-betting/343556/

ht ft fixed matches

ht ft fixed matches

ht ft fixed matches

Free Prediction For 25.03.2023
Match: Villa Dalmine – Ferro
Pick: X (Draw) – 44% Predict rate
Pick: Under 2.5 (Total Goals) – 64% Predict rate
The mathematical analysis predicts a Draw for winner market with 44%.
FT: 1:1 Abandoned

Match: Spain – Norway
Pick: 1 (Home Win) – 73% Predict rate
The mathematical analysis predicts a victory for Spain for winner market with 73%.
FT: 3:0

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Outright Bets – Tips and Tricks

Interest in outright betting tips and predictions seems to spike with every new season. If you already know how outright bets in football work, you may also need some advice on how to properly use them. After all, understanding a betting market is one thing, and profiting from it is another.

That’s what we’re here to do, with a fresh collection of outright bet strategy tips and advice. As a side note, we already have a guide on outright betting strategies. Check that out after reading this article – it contains more info on finding value in this market. This page is dedicated to other bits of useful advice we didn’t cover previously.

Tips for Outright Betting in Football

Before we dive in, make sure you understand the core meaning, strengths, and weaknesses of outright betting. After all, this is not a type of bet that can be used all the time. Your opportunities may vary based on the current season.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to our To Win Outright tips.

1.     Consider All Outright Betting Markets

Seeing how you don’t get many opportunities to get right, you might as well properly consider the ones you can make. None of them are easy to get right, true, but you can find surprising betting value if you go off the beaten path.

For instance, a rare market called Next Manager to be Sacked has been showing up on online bookies lately. It’s an interesting proposition if you’re the kind of footy super-fan that keeps up with all the news. After all, teams constantly change managers on the back of strings of poor results. Experienced football bettors can typically notice when something is not working out. Especially if the manager isn’t performing up to par.

2.     Look for Value in Underdogs

Backing favourites is usually a good idea in football betting. However, there’s no denying the allure of going for an underdog every now and then. And outright betting predictions might be perfect for that purpose. You can get incredible value if you make an outright bet on an outsider early enough.

Doing so is quite tricky, of course, but there are warning signs that point to an upset in the leaderboards.  Keep an eye on transfer windows, pre-season results and friendlies, and noteworthy changes in a team’s lineup or managerial team.

Remember to keep your expectations grounded, though. We’re not likely to see another Leicester in 2015/16 again, after all. Top 6, Top 4, and Top 3 Outright bet markets are more useful for these purposes. Conversely, a surprising relegation can be profitable for a smart punter.

3.     Pick Your Timing Carefully

While it’s a great way to get the most value, you don’t have to bet early with this market. Betting too early makes the risk of a certain outright betting prediction huge. Of course, being too indecisive will gut your earnings as well.

Keep up with a team and look at not only their performance but their matchups as well. For instance, if a side happens to have a rough early season, they may have simply been matched with the toughest opponents. You can expect their table position to improve as the season progresses. The odds won’t necessarily drift to take future matchups into account, either. ht ft fixed matches

By keeping up with the chances of a team winning or losing future matches, you can capitalise on all of this information. Early Payout options can be useful for this purpose, so try to find sportsbooks that offer this feature.

4.     Play at the Right Online Sportsbook

Look, we know you’re probably tired of hearing how important choosing the best bookie is. However, let us make our case on why top bookies are even more important for outright bets.

Odds for the same bet in the same market can be different when you compare bookies to one another. We know this – it’s what allows us to find value, and it’s how people do arbitrage betting.  However, nowhere is this more apparent than with outright bets. The differences we’ve seen between bookies are sometimes staggeringly huge. Outright betting odds on one site can be double or triple what they are on another.

Moreover, outright bets are often just an afterthought for some bookmakers. This can result in huge betting margins. There’s a reason for that as well – it’s because most bookies can get away with it. Many bettors just bet on the team they support, or simply have issues figuring out the true probability of a team winning.

Finding the best bookmakers for outright betting is thus crucial. IF you need some help with that, you can check out our football betting site reviews.

source: www.soccernews.com/outright-bets-tips-and-tricks/338245/